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Coordinate Conflict Resolution

Listen To All Sides

The rule in this business is—when you use confrontational tactics to conflict resolution, be prepared to pay the price. In fact, don't rule out bankruptcy. So, we make it a practice to design peaceful, practical and inexpensive plans that get results. We will ask you to listen carefully to professionals with mountains of common sense. We listen and learn from all parties and reach a resolution that keeps us all out of court.

The truth is most conflict arises out of the structure of a deal or a loan. There wouldn't be as much contention if the parties observed proper investment banking practices. For instance, you should resolve control issues and reasonable covenants in advance; employ voting trusts when appropriate; establish loan schedules that provide for minimum fixed earn-out payments instead of high fixed payments. This isn't brain surgery. Third party help can ward off conflict before it starts and the headaches begin.