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Andre Meyer, former managing director of Lazard Freres, said, “Mergers and acquisitions are 20% financial analysis and 80% psychoanalysis.”  Many otherwise capable business owners and CEOs often feel lost when they face either one of these options. At times like this, choose an ally who speaks your language—someone who is thoroughly versed in all technicalities. Like your primary physician, this expert can advise when and how to engage attorneys, CPAs and other team specialists.

Through the years, you've learned and perhaps studied the terms—offering memorandum, due diligence, fast track resolution and letter of intent. But you’re not confident concerning their nuances. As your counsel, PCC brings you a solid understanding and a dose of common sense. We identify pitfalls, develop a strategic plan and help you nail specific objectives. The topics we discuss in this section of our web site can help you start the process.