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At The Crossroads. In today's precarious business climate, the leaders are face to face with risk on steroids.

At The Crossroads. In today's precarious business climate, the leaders are face to face with risk on steroids.

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ESOP Health Survey

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After providing your contact information, please familiarize yourself with all ten (10) ESOP Health issues in advance. Then re-read each statement, choosing the level of concern that most closely applies to your ESOP.

Level 1 indicates no concern whatsoever; Level 5 indicates extreme concern. If you don't know the state of an issue, select "Don't Know." For your results to have any validity, please rate the issues as objectively and candidly as possible. Thank you.

1. My company does not have an ESOP repurchase obligation study based on current and actuarial data.

2. Our ESOP has been in effect for a number of years, but we currently have no funding plan for repurchase obligations.

3. We have missed several years of contributions to our ESOP.

4. We are not certain that our ESOP and other related documents conform to DOL and IRS regulations.

5. The company has a distribution policy -- outside of the ESOP plan -- that gives us flexibility to make changes as needed, and anticipates eventual repurchase requirements.

6. We are concerned that our company's valuation does not represent a defensible fair market value.

7. We have not put in place procedures to ensure that all future participants acquire a meaningful ESOP stock account balance.

8. We have concern that our ESOP Committee may not regularly inform and educate employees about the ESOP and its role in growing equity (and account value) over time.

9. Our TPA (Third Party Administrator) may not be accounting for all transactions and distributions in a timely manner.

10. Our ESOP procedures may not maximize employee retention and productivity and our company may be missing significant tax-advantaged financing opportunities.