About Us

Exit Or Perpetuation: A Twin Track Program

Set The Direction

Essentially, this program is dedicated to the proposition that you’ve built a successful business. The question is: What next? PCC brings objectivity, experience and proprietary tools to your side; and together, we help you strike a new and successful direction.

Elements of our program include:

  • Capability to manage perpetuation or exit
  • Experienced negotiators for a variety of transactions
    • Board of sellers and buyers
    • Senior executives of financial institutions
    • CEOs and CFOs of sellers and buyers
    • Legal and accounting counsel of all parties
    • Senior executives of the buyer
    • Senior executives of the seller
  • Technical/practical experience during sale/merger and/or ESOP
  • Confidentiality know-how for all aspects of M&A work
  • Executive summary development for every transaction

These activities and how they are implemented will determine the price you get for either a sale/merge, ESOP or financing transaction. You, your CFO and PCC, working together, can assure a fast track resolution of the critical issues at stake.

Our mission is to help you achieve ultimate success during perpetuation or exit transition. Contact us and we’ll respond within 24 hours.