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Help Employees Think And Act Like Owners

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.

Employee-owned companies have extraordinary opportunities to excel. They can increase management and employee commitment, as well as productivity and service. But ownership is no automatic guarantee of stellar performance. In fact, many companies quickly admit their ownership culture falls short of expectations. Unfortunately, too many firms install an ESOP only for financial concerns and they fail to develop the partnering message that includes risk/reward and rights/responsibilities of stock ownership. To unleash the creativity of your people, we always recommend you initiate a solid communications plan tailored to your company’s individual and corporate situation.

Your ESOP can achieve its full potential only by creating a long-term ownership culture. Simply, this policy stimulates creativity and innovation. A Michigan University study shows that enlightened communication practices reduce employee absenteeism and turnover, when compared to companies that ignore this essential component.

The General Accounting Office reported that, most often, broadened ownership is credited for improved employee morale, tax savings and increased productivity. Understandably, 43% of the nation’s 200 fastest growing small companies have adopted broadened ownership plans.

Consider this: increasing productivity by just 1-2% invigorates profitability. And if you accelerate revenues by 10%, without a jump in payroll, profits can take off nicely. We encourage you to contact us to design your winning Employee Communication Plan.