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Profit Sharing 401(k) Plans

Enrich The Strategic Plan

Unquestionably, profit sharing with a 401(k) salary-deferral remains one of the most popular and important benefit components. As you might expect, we routinely monitor the marketplace for the most competitive and feature-rich plans. Our minimal standards include multiple fund family options, daily valuation, Internet access, 24-hour 800# access, and financial and retirement planning tools.

If you provide profit sharing or matching contributions, we design a plan that assures equitable provisions for all employees. We also must be sure that the executive group is not subject to reverse discrimination.

Some plan sponsors have been adopting New Comparability/Cross-Test Plans, Safe Harbor 401(k) plans and combinations of the two—Super New Comparability. These Super New designs go beyond the traditional pro rata, the social security-integrated or even age-weighted profit sharing designs. What we can do is create designs based on the categories of employees—a real advantage in strategic planning.

The end game is this: Your benefit program must support your strategic plan. We deliver state-of-the-art product and service to do what's best for you and the company. And all employees will appreciate their salary savings plan on a stand-alone, tax-favored basis.