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The Anatomy of Failed Succession.

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You put everything you had into a business.

Will it survive? And what will you get out?

It's a sad fact that most businesses—even very good ones—wither and die because busy owners fail to plan and execute an exit strategy. The result of this inaction generally means that owners and family members get much less than they deserve after years of sacrifice and labor.

In “You've Built A Successful Business—Now What?” Dick Buxton distills his more than 30 years as one of the best-known pioneers in business perpetuation. He outlines the steps you should take to assure that your company is among the only 1.5% that survives to the third generation of ownership. He outlines the strategies and options you have to gain the greatest profit from a lifetime's investment.

What Others Say About This Book.

Poignant and full of common sense, but well-seasoned business gems of wisdom.

Paul DeVille, President, Persis Corporation

Pragmatic and inspirational. Buxton explains how to perpetuate your business as you exit and build wealth at the same time. Successful entrepreneurs should apply these strategies to avoid the “crisis of retirement.”

Thomas J. Tierney, Former Managing Director, Bain & Company, Boston

Dick Buxton has captured years of experience with employee ownership, ESOP's, private business and succession planning in this book. He provides insight and concrete advice to business owners who must plan for tomorrow.

J. Michael Keeling, President, The ESOP Association, Washington, D.C.