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CEO/Owner Reviews

Secure Financing

Thanks for helping us renegotiate the terms of our acquisition financing. It allowed us to have more cash flow to expand the operation. Your very thorough and comprehensive financing memorandum went a long way to secure the long term funding to complete the new transaction. We'll be sure to stay in touch.

Larry Brackett, CEO, Frank Howard Allen Real Estate

A True Partner

Since the “divorce,” the danger is over and it’s business as usual—a testimony to the strength of your plan. Your efforts are unique in my 30 years as a practicing CPA. I can truthfully say that I never had the feeling you infringed on anyone else's turf; in fact, what you did highlighted the work of the CPAs, and I know the attorneys feel the same. Thanks for creating a wonderful master plan for the future and continuation of our client’s operation.

Don Criswell, CPA, Retired Partner, Grant Thornton

Expect A Total Solution

I wanted to build a transition plan for company founders and searched for a firm that could understand the “abstraction” of creating branded service streams. PCC was the first group I’d seen that had enough real business experience among the principals. Their assessment identified a destructive split in our company and they helped us spin off a low performing unit. PCC has a heartbeat. If you need 50 pounds of three-ring binders to justify them to a Board, you probably should shop somewhere else. They get in the saddle and ride the same trail you do – flies and all.

Jeff Kanzelberger, CEO, Performa, Inc.