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CEO/Owner Reviews

From Owner To Investor

I spent over 40 years to build a business and it turned out no one in the family wanted to continue with it. PCC developed an exit strategy that enhanced my own compensation program, protected my employees and gave me the freedom to pursue investment and leisure activities. I’m now on PCC’s advisory board and steer anyone to this great firm.

Joe Dacey, former Chairman, Hanson Foods

Go To The Experts

I was lucky enough to build a fine company but didn’t have a clue to how to perpetuate it. Plus I decided to retire at 50. Only my actual retirement date was a good way off and the company couldn’t afford to buy out my 51% share. Well, along came PCC and I got lucky again. They installed an ESOP and we’ve since increased sales and profits over 30% a year. Better still, all company employees think and work like owners.

Steve Love, Chairman, Idaho Pacific Lumber Company, Inc.

Joe Dacey, former Chairman, Hanson Foods

Objective 3rd Party

Few things in business are more difficult than creating a new company from several separate entities. But that's the challenge our start-up faced – we had multiple leaders, ideas and cultures attempting to share a common vision. We realized quickly enough that we needed the help of an objective third party — someone who had the experience to advise us strategically, and the technical capability to guide us through critical financing issues. In both ways, thanks to PCC, we were able to put the new organization on sound footing. We simply can't overestimate their value as a trusted advisor.

Michael R. Durham, CEO, Se7en