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Friends And Partners

The Advertising Checking Bureau has known PCC since 1984 when Dick B. and pros engineered a transfer of ownership from a private entity to 100% ESOP, with more than 1,000 participants. Since, they have helped us with 401 K plans, stock option plans, key man insurance, critical financing and a host of other things. Now we’re working on perpetuation issues. What can I say? They are our friends and partners.

Brian McShane, President, Advertising Checking Bureau

Tackle A Turnaround

Morrison Supply would not exist today except for the expertise of PCC. We were at a crossroad in 1986, facing a business recession, a change in ownership and management dissension. Today, we approach $600 MM in sales, own three successful subsidiaries and are recognized as one of the nation’s leading independent distributors. PCC gave us a turnaround roadmap to succession and success and they will always remain important to our continued growth and prosperity.

Scott Sangalli, Chairman and CEO, Morrison Supply Company

Never Too Late

About ten years ago, our family owned engineering and construction business installed an ESOP and it never measured up to our expectations. We happened to meet Private Capital and for the past seven years they have been consulting with us to energize the program. There's no doubt PCC has been a great asset in providing guidance in restructuring our plan to make it more workable and employee friendly. In addition, they gave us a solid repurchase liability plan. Our only regret is we didn't find Dick Buxton and his staff before we created the original program.

Leonard J. Brutocao, CEO, Brutoco Engineering & Construction, Inc.