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At The Crossroads. In today's precarious business climate, the leaders are face to face with risk on steroids.

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Partnering With Our Clients

Anyone who has ever done a lick of business understands risk. But in today's precarious business climate, the leaders of many mid-market companies are face to face with risk on steroids. Literally, these leaders stand at the crossroads.

The Crossroad Issues

You may be an owner, CEO, top exec or major shareholder. Your company's future may be uncertain. Your future as well. What you do know is that no matter how successful your company is today, it cannot sustain itself doing business as usual. The time has come for strategic decisions that will take you to a new level. Consider the following case study issues that may apply to you:

  • As a major shareholder, your company needs equity infusion.
  • As a senior manager, you want to acquire a division of your company.
  • As an owner or chief executive, perpetuation demands that you have both equity infusion and a new CEO, with major shareholders continuing some level of ownership.
  • You're a company founder who wants to protect broadened ownership for long-term employees, but you need to attract new top management.
  • As an owner, you may want to consider the installation of an ESOP, or consider a strategic sale.

The PCP Protocol

With investment banking credentials that span decades, Private Capital Partners has developed a protocol for helping hundreds of companies take the right path to prosperity. Up front, we are not a private equity group (PEG). PCP brings together the expertise and experience of a team of business-savvy executives to help breathe new life into companies at risk. These people have walked the walk and thus understand the complex problems that frustrate growth. But even more, they grasp the solutions – devising the right financing and acquisition packages, recommending PEG partners, finding and vetting CEO candidates, organizing management teams and creating comprehensive ESOP and MSOP perpetuation programs.

Proprietary Process

Make no mistake. There's no standard recipe for reshaping, refreshing and reinforcing a company's structure and culture. While solutions may appear to be common sense, the process often is complex. Until Private Capital Partners came along, no other entity brought together all the elements and disciplines needed to vitalize the mid-market.

Key PCP Components

  • Acquisition Negotiations
  • Strategic Business Plan
  • CEO Search
  • Due Diligence
  • Financing
  • Management Skill Assessment
  • Ongoing Services
  • Perpetuation Plan