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What is ESOP Health Survey (EHS)?

EHS is a proprietary diagnostic tool designed exclusively for small to mid-sized ESOP businesses. We created this survey because thousands of ESOPs have significant health issues. In fact, many of them are in trouble and don't even know it. In some cases, ESOP problems are manageable. But others could blow up and cause irreparable damage to even the soundest company.

Make The Most Of Your ESOP.

Like any individual with a potential health issue, any business faces risk every day. Unfortunately, ESOP companies face uncommon threats that are commonly overlooked. Knowing your ESOP health score can give you vital information that ultimately will benefit everyone who has a stake in your business. We encourage you to take this confidential survey to help avert a potential crisis. Remember, this survey is confidential.

Complete survey now.


There is no fee.

One option is to take the survey and receive your Health Score. The other is to take the survey and request a custom, confidential PCC Analysis. If you request an analysis, we would follow up with you to confirm receipt and to ask if you have questions. At that time, you may also request an initial phone interview with a PCC director. For any of these options, you have no financial obligation.

We require that you complete your contact information to gain access. The survey is proprietary; therefore we must confirm you are a qualified visitor. Your contact information is confidential; it will not become part of any database and will be discarded. In addition, we will not contact you unless you request a Custom Analysis. Otherwise, we simply will email your Score with a brief rating description.

You complete the Survey on this web site. There are 10 statements. The statements are weighted according to a proprietary formula. To the best of your ability, select a level of concern for each issue. For the survey to have any validity, your selections must reflect accurately. Your confidential Score will be sent to you via email. There is no fee.