You’ve built a successful business. Now what?

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Helping Companies and Their Owners
Build a Secure Future

Succession planning is not all business — it’s personal. You spend a lifetime building a successful business and you risk your own money. You work 24/7 managing and putting out fires thinking that when the time comes to step down you will have numerous options. Though, the sad fact is most businesses, even very good ones, wither and die because owners fail to plan a solid exit strategy. In order to avoid this demise, acting now, before you think it is necessary, will allow you to take control of your company’s future.

Comprehensive Succession Planning

Private Capital Corporation (PCC) are experts in designing and implementing comprehensive perpetuation, succession or exit plans for private companies. Our team’s expertise spans over four decades.

PCC is a relationship driven company and can help you navigate the exit planning seas. We remain with you and your company long after the plan is designed and implemented. We continue to work with you — to assist you and your successors in sustaining the plan.

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PCC helps clients in many ways. Our team’s expertise spans over 40 years.

For example, we help clients to create an infrastructure that achieves rapid profitable growth. Another example is identifying how key people can take some of the risk and share some of the reward. We also help in creating an owner / employee partnering culture. Our team of experts are also very successful at diversifying estates in a way that prevents owners from being dependent on the business for future income and lifestyle.


Not unlike the inbred instinct that drives the Australian working sheep dog to shepherd its flock, Private Capital’s fate is also sealed by its very nature; to protect and guide clients toward the freedom and security of high ground. We help you avoid the pitfalls, dead-ends and perils that invariably appear without warning.


We leave clients in better shape than we found them because we help them build a sound strategic foundation. Thus they are prepared and poised for unprecedented success. In this climate of aspiration, we must encourage them to balance and enrich their working lives through inspirational relationships. In doing so, we never fail to awaken the best that lies in all of us.


We have a responsibility, if not an obligation, to put our clients at the center of our competency. If we can not rightly give them our best, or do our best on their behalf, we must respect them and ourselves enough to pass them by. As staunch client advocates, therefore, we fully expect to pledge and exercise our personal and professional integrity.