Comprehensive Perpetuation Planning™ (CPP)

Strategy for a Lifetime

Comprehensive Perpetuation Planning™ (CPP) recognizes a simple truth — all companies must pass to successors or die. Unfortunately, only a few take the right steps to systematically select and groom new leadership. The rest procrastinate until the options run out. Passing the baton isn’t easy. It’s a critical time for your company and shareholders. Some visionary CEOs are now able to witness company prosperity because they were willing to delegate authority, responsibility, risk and reward — because they encouraged people to think for themselves and become members of a coalition devoted to a common cause. That cause is building a company that rewards everyone, including your customers who get high quality products and services. Your employees feel like partners because they share the rewards of success. And shareholders increasingly own a smaller share of a larger company as opposed to a larger share in a smaller company.

Know the Secret to a Successful Succession Business Plan

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Article in the American College Alumni magazine (Fall 2014).