Helping Owners Navigate the Seas of Succession Planning

Private Capital Corporation (PCC) was established in 1976 when Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) burst onto the financial scene.

The creator of the ESOP was securities lawyer Lou Kelso of Kelso Company. PCC acquired Kelso Company in 1978. Within a few years we realized that an ESOP was and is a powerful financial solution for perpetuation, succession or exit strategies, but was not the only solution.

This discovery led us to developing our Comprehensive Perpetuation Planning™ (CPP) process. The CPP is a disciplined comprehensive approach developed over 40 years of executing perpetuation and/or exit strategies with over 1,000 client succession plans, hundreds of ESOP and Management Stock Ownership Plans (MSOP) and dozens of strategic sales.

The CPP process allows us to understand a company, its ownership and management before we design and implement a customized, effective and sustainable solution to meet your goals and objectives.

Our Team

As former owners of private companies in various industries we have discovered that every situation is unique and requires someone who can empathize with the challenges you face as you plan for the growth of your company that will ultimately provide you a pathway to liquidity as you transition your ownership to your successors.

Books authored by Dickson C. Buxton, founder of PCC.

Business Matters

Crucial lessons for personal and professional success. it’s a must-read, whether you’re just starting out or have many years of experience. This book addresses real-life business matters.


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Lessons in Leadership & Life

Lessons in Leadership and Life provides a unique look at how to get back in control of your life, using the secrets of eleven real-life successful business executives.


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You’ve Built a Successful Business, Now What?

You’ve Built A Successful Business, Now What? details why a comprehensive perpetuation plan and exit strategy are necessary.


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