George Cutler

Management Consultant

Some people simply have a warrior mentality – the bigger the challenge, the greater the satisfaction. As CEO of a start-up in the services industry, George stabilized the failing venture and turned a certain total write-off into value for investors in just over a year. As CFO of a major environmental engineering firm, he took stagnation and turned it into accelerated growth. As a business consultant, he took on high value-added projects, enhancing shareholder value. And now he has The Cutler Group, assisting clients in ventures that have become multi-million dollar enterprises. With 30 years of successful management experience under his belt, George is at home with start-ups and Fortune 100 companies alike. He works on the national and international stage, helping entrepreneurs and other business leaders achieve personal and business goals. His unique planning and performance process results in a system of accountability and improved focus for members of management teams. A graduate of San Francisco State University and the Stanford Executive Program, George is a member of Financial Executives International and has served on several Bay Area company boards